Executive coaching and mentoring

Executive coaching

When it comes to executive coaching, RH Advisory is different.


We recognise that leaders and senior management are facing ever increasing pressures including longer working hours, tough economic conditions and rapid changes in their environment. 


We understand that investment made in training and professional development needs to show immediate as well as longer term benefits for the business and the individual.


Our approach is customised to focus on higher order thinking, problem solving and how the learnings will be incorporated in the day to day.  


How can RH Advisory help?


Technical content is combined with practical case studies to make the learnings come to life.  We focus on what "makes people tick" and their preferred style for "getting things done".


The outcome  is coaching that is enjoyable and inspirational so that the participant is  energised, stimulated and motivated. 


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Mentoring is different to other training and coaching you are likely to receive due to its one to one nature which offers a flexible, customised, yet still disciplined learning program.


How can RH Advisory help?

Rosina Hislop has mentored a number of executives through successful careers. Numbers are strictly limited to make sure that clients receive a high quality, personalised one to one approach.

Rosina's role is to help you to maximise your potential and be the person you want to be.  In doing so, Rosina endeavours to:

The approach also offers the opportunity for reflection and clarity around professional and personal goals. 


The learner or “mentee” drives the relationship and sets the agenda. Rosina's role is to provide the trusting and safe learning environment. 


"Do you start each day with a sense of purpose and finish with a sense of achievement?"