Creating a good strategy is essential to deliver value. 


So how do you create a good strategy and what is the Board’s and management’s role?


Developing a sound and robust strategy involves many layers of thinking, analysis and decision making.


Listening to stakeholders will help shape and assess the feasibility of different growth strategies.


Other important aspects to consider include the broader and sector landscape, trends, funding models, government policy as well as the organisation's strengths and weaknesses.


Good strategy should, above all, involve looking at and assessing different options. 


Endorsing a strategy is only the start. Sound execution is critical and this is where risk management and strategy are inextricably linked.


Top performing boards and management monitor the key risks which could prevent the achievement of the organisation's strategic goals.


They identify gaps which need to be addressed and develop key performance indicators to enable the organisation to monitor its performance against the strategic plan.


"Taking people on the journey" is often the difference between success and failure when implementing strategy.


How can RH Advisory help?


RH Advisory facilitates strategic planning and implementation using a robust process designed to set you up for success. Contact us now. 


"..............If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”…….. (Alice in Wonderland)